• understanding your joint hot topics & why they are flaring
  • insight into your 1st family legacies & values & how they differ
  • incorporate Love Maps and Rituals of Connection into daily life
  • addition of new relational/emotional/behavioral skills
  • addition of new stress-management tools
  • explore the role and impact of technology in the home
  • create shared meaning (supporting each others dreams/growth)
  • awareness of positive and negative perspective in couples
  • discussion about unspoken 50/50 deal and evolving marriage
  • designing support systems for each other to feel safe, turn
    towards each other, lean 
    and have fun together again
  • understanding your hot topics & why they are flaring
  • insight into your 1st family legacies & values
  • clarity on your emotional habits each day
  • exploring your individual "rhythm" of living your life
  • addition of new relational / emotional skills
  • addition of new stress-management tools
  • bringing in daily gratitude as a new habit 
  • resources/reading at each stage of your work
  • direction on how to restore, reflect, observe, get curious,
    & get active in all of the important relationships  in your life

Is the 7 Principles a Good Fit for You? 


      Exploring ourselves is some of the most daring work we can do, but ultimately some of the most rewarding too. We are raised to see
      the world through certain values, belief systems and expectations. This affects the job we choose, the partner we seek, the way we
      parent and even how we manage stress. It affects how we see ourselves and what our worth is. What a huge impact that is! You may
      be getting signs that the way you are living is not good for you, such as elevated anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, cut offs
      from important family and friends, disappointments in the work world or physical health issues. If we take it slowly, it can be a safe,
      rewarding transition!  During our sessions we begin by exploring your yellow flag topics. These are the topics that are​ bringing you to
      coaching. Hidden beneath these yellow flag topics, however, are your core obstacles - too scary to look at until now. You will have
​      homework in the form of curiosity around the topics below that are relevant to you as well as incorporating your new emotion
      regulation & interpersonal skills, and beginning to incorporate iron clad self care routines. Coaching becomes a form of accountability
      for your work and a safe space to heal your broken, forgotten or lost pieces. Most clients begin with weekly sessions.

What would I gain from
​                     Individual Coaching?

What would I gain from
​                     Individual Coaching?




What would we gain from
​                                 Couples Coaching?

Current Research on the Benefits of Coaching in a Digital Age


​      Mental health has come a long way in the last 50 years. Once widely believed to be specialized care for a small percentage of the
      population, we now know that everyone benefits from good mental health support in its many forms -  individual and couple's sessions,
      skills education, group processing, mindfulness and meditation tools to name a few. Rising demands on individuals, couples and
      families of a fast paced, constantly changing world partnered with increasing use of technology and limited downtime have had heavy
      impacts on us. All of the trainings and conferences I am attending are repeatedly driving home the importance of coaching and group
      work - providing safe spaces for reflection, affirmation and accountability. Places for individuals and their partners to find each other

      again and begin with new tools and skills. A good frequency of sessions makes the most movement in the work.

      My husband and I recently took a financial therapy class that explored our financial habits and what might be holding us back
      from feeling united in our management of finances. One of the first things the instructor said was to notice what we were each spending 
      money on - that would tell us our priorities. It was true. We put value on things we prioritized. So how has it come to be that we 
      no longer value our marriages or ourselves? I encourage all couples to prioritize their relationship as it is the engine that runs their
      metaphorical family train. If the engine doesn't work or works ineffectively, the whole family will be impacted. So I ask couples to set
​      aside time for weekly or bi-monthly coaching. Think of how often you go to the grocery store, get gas at the gas station, do chores 
      around the house or even manage/lead/participate in weekly work meetings. These are all check points to keep things running.  
     Shouldn't your relationship be at least as important? Even in the best relationships, maintenance is needed to keep moving forward.

What is Coaching? 

But what if we don't have time for this?  Or even money for this?

A healthy relationship means two independent people
who don't  have to be together to be happy,
​but choose to every day