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Amanda Moore 

Fee: $200 indiv / $270 couples session

Holistic Expectations is growing again, becoming what today's women, families and communities need to maintain balance.  I realize that there is a new and pressing need for connection. Women are losing themselves in a system that asks too much. Partners are feeling unappreciated. Families are becoming more anxious. Communities don't know each other or what their unique purpose is. It's time for me to shift my focus!  I can help us reconnect, first with ourselves, and then with each other. I have been coaching individuals and their partners for over a decade. With more consistent meetings, we can make the kind of change you are needing to root your families and your relationships. I plan to grow strong groups to strengthen us with accountability.  Current research shows that group settings in addition to individual work has an exponentially higher rate of success long term. The combination of strong individual, couple and group support makes tremendous family and larger community impact moving us all into positions of leadership and compassion. It's time for reaching out, finding good support and beginning to ask about what we want for this life.

And suddenly you know...
                       It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings

Hello! I am a mostly native Texan, committed to growth, grassroots communit​y and holistic healthy families. I believe in the power of joyful living. Outside of the coaching and birthing worlds, I love to run, garden, bake, read, travel, draw, sing, play sports, walk in the ocean, hike, dance, smell campfires, watch snow fall and put on brand new socks. 

I graduated from Rice University in 1998 with a BA in Political Science & Policy Studies.  I then served in the Teach for America Program, a two-year service commitment to the local school system.  I received my certification in early childhood education as well as bilingual education and taught for five years in H.I.S.D. and with the K.I.P.P. Academy charter school.  
I left the teaching field to join Houston's first public television station, HousonPBS (KUHT) as an Education & Outreach Coordinator, providing community  education and  professional training on media literacy, early reading skills, etc.  I decided to change course in 2007  and joined  the UH Women's Studies program as a program manager.  

​In my personal life,
 I gave birth to my daughter, Ada, in 2006 via induction (low amniotic fluid level) and unwanted cesarian section.   After six months of post-partum depression, I began reflecting on the birth, reaching out to support groups and decided to explore different options including a change in practitioner, hospital and adding a doula for the next time around. In 2008, I gave birth to my son, Jonah, via natural, unmedicated vaginal birth.  This was a deeply moving experience for me and a catalyst for my involvement in the holistic birth philosophy. Regardless of how babies came into the world, Mother's needed to feel empowered.  In 2010, Eden joined our family in the quiet intimacy of home - bringing still more awe about birth. We went on to add a final chapter to our birthing story with the quick, intimate delivery of our last child, Odin, in 2013 in our living room amidst all of his sister's and brother's toys.  I have been working in the world of birth and postpartum for over 10 years now and have learned so much about what's missing in our culture in its support (or lack there of) of women and their families. My postpartum group has grown empowered, connected, loving women who moved forward in long term communities that started right in my living room! I was in awe of what women can do when they are connected to each other, supported well and allowed to follow their intuition. I am excited to begin my next chapter with individual and group work!

GE, EEM-AP, CD, GE, Lactation Aid, Mother

2000 and became part of the section of Adolescent Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.  He joined the Adolescent Clinic at Ben Taub General Hospital in 2004.  In 2005, he opened his own private practice which serves individuals, couples and families struggling with  gridlock, trauma, anxiety, lack of intimacy etc.  He uses a variety of modalities including but not limited to: CBT, DBT, EFT, and Gottman. Services include single sessions, weekend workshops and retreats. ​

Ph: 713-956-2662
Email:  davidmoorepsychotherapy@gmail.com  

Website: davidmoorepsychotherapy.com

David M. Moore, LCSW ​ 
Individual, Couples, & Family Therapy   
​Studies show that most marriages with challenges end approximately two years after the arrival of a child. I would be willing   to bet that most of us have never evaluated our communication style, family of origin issues, or current marital stressors.   And for some of us, we are nearing the end of our marital rope! Sometimes, we are beyond communication tools, sometimes   the issues are too severe for coaching alone. Being proactive about where you are and what you want out of this experience   and learning about your partner and their needs is a crucial piece of making and keeping a happy marriage and family. 

David graduated from Southwestern University in 1993 with a triple major in History, Psychology and Communications.  He worked as a Team Leader and Director of Training Development in the Serve Houston Americorps Program. He went on to graduate from the University of Houston, Graduate School of Social Work in 

Holistic Expectations, 2019
Women's Group; Individual Coaching;
Couples Coaching; Postpartum Group
Women's Retreat Coming Summer 2021!

Eden Method, Certification 2020
Adv.  Level 3  Practitioner
Holistic Energy Medicine Private Practice

Gottman Institute, 2010 / 2016
Gottman Certified Educator
Bringing Baby Home Program (2010)
The 7 Principles Program  (2016)

Terry Real, 10/2016 & 9/2017 
Level 1/ Level 2  Educator
Relationship Life Therapy (RTL)

Acupressure Certification 2014 
DONA Program
Prenatal / Postpartum Technique

Holistic Expectations, 2006-present
Birth Doula; Childbirth Ed; Lactation Ed
Postpartum Group; TLC Member

, Certification 2009
Birth Doula Training, CD

UH Women's Studies, 2008-2013
Outreach & Events Coordinator

Houston Public Television, 2004-2008
PBS Channel 8
Education & Outreach Coordinator

​Teach for America, 1998-2001
BA Teaching / Bilingual Certification
Ryan Elementary, NW Houston​​