Holistic Expectations Individual Coaching  

      Exploring ourselves is some of the most daring work we can do. We are raised to see the world through certain values, belief systems
      and expectations. This affects the job we choose, the partner we seek, the way we parent and even how we manage stress. It affects
      how we see ourselves and what our worth is. What a huge impact that is! You may be getting signs that the way you are living is not      
      good for you, such as elevated anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, cut offs from important family and friends,
      disappointments in the work world or physical health issues. If we take it slowly, it can be a safe, rewarding transition!  
      During our individual sessions we will begin by exploring your yellow flag topics. These are the topics that are bringing you to 
​      coaching now - anxiety, depression, anger, hopelessness, a health scare, the end of relationship, the loss of a parent,
      the birth of a child. These are all crossroads moments when life asks us if this is the way we want to do it?  We will work on self
      care skills, explore your emotional vocabulary, research your family history and legacies you are part of and find out what happened
      to your dreams. I draw from many modalities including Gottman, RTL, Systems Theory, and Psychodynamic therapy.  We will do a
      thorough intake and map out the big topics for our time together while understanding that this work will have a life of it's own and we
​      will have to trust the flow! Meaningful change will mean a commitment on your part to look inward, not outward at what is happening
      in your life and what you are bringing to it. This will probably be a new way of thinking for you that ultimately allows you to grow
      authentically. There will be homework, reading material (if you want it) and a pace that recognizes that this is big work.


Never doubt that small changes daily can lead to huge life awakenings

Holistic Expectations Couples Coaching  

      Relationships are constantly evolving because the people in them are evolving. That's something we don't talk about when we begin
      a partnership or a marriage. We come to each other with a unique set of values, beliefs and expectations. Our strongest influences,
      our first families, directly impact our 2nd families - the ones we create for ourselves. But so much of this influence we aren't even
      aware of and because of this, we do damage to ourselves, our partners and our children. 
      During our couples sessions we explore what you have come to this relationship with, what you are missing and which habits have
      gotten in your way of hearing each other.  Relationships are not one sided- both partners contribute to the dance they don't like but
      don't know how to change. Safety during our time together is paramount. Change doesn't happen without the two core tenants of

      safety and curiosity. We will nourish both. I draw from many modalities including Gottman, RTL, Systems Theory, and
      Psychodynamic therapy.  We will do a thorough intake and map out what our time together might look like. 
​      Meaningful change will mean a commitment on the part of both partners to look inward, not outward at what is happening and what
      they are bringing to it. This will be a new way of thinking that actually empowers each partner to grow authentically. We begin with 
      the friendship that originally brought you together and move from there. Those are the embers of who you were and at the power of
      who you an be together. There will be homework, reading material (for those that want it) and a pace that recognizes that this is big


Recently Delivered Ladies (Breastfeeding & Bonding Group) 
This group is made up of women who have recently given birth with me.  It gathers at my home on Tuesday afternoons, 12pm-2pm to explore breastfeeding, babywearing, soothing techniques, newborn sleep, marital stressors, nutrition, postpartum exercise, pediatricians, vaccinations, back to work worries and just about everything else going on during the first 4 months. Though there is a lot of education going on, the main purpose of the group is community and relationship building. Mothers and their babies are present and many go on to meet up outside of class time. Graduating groups (at 4 month marker) meet with me to work out logistics of continuing their group meetings on their own with their fellow graduates. Many, many, many of the groups remain close and active two-three years after first meeting! 

"Sometimes we stare so long at the door that is closing
​that we see too late the one that has opened."
                                                              -  Alexander Graham Bell

Fee: Not Offering Services Currently 
* Direct pay only, check/venmo/chase quick pay

Fee: $130/session ​ Sessions: 1hr 
* Direct pay only,
​ check/venmo/chase quick pay

Image: Amanda Greavette

Fee: $80/wk or $320/month Group time: 1hr 15min
* Direct pay only,
​ check/venmo/chase quick pay
  sliding scale available for those who need it

Holistic Expectations Dare to Dance Women's Groups  

      Women used to be part of each other's lives. They lived intimately. Caring for each other's children. Helping with each other's homes.
      Contributing to each other's daily dialogue. In this way, women wove protective nets around their families and larger nets around their
​      communities. They shared stories and passed down traditions. They were the guardians of the home and the touchstones in society.
      Then we stopped gathering. Everyone stayed in the home and extended families and friends moved away. We piled expectations of
      the whole village on one woman and her partner and she stopped checking in with herself and instead answered the needs of
      others, becoming run down and anxious. A shell of who she was.  
​      Group work is about having a safe place for all of the lost pieces of you to gather in. In a group, the individual struggles and
      shame becomes systemic dysfunction, not personal failure
. Women begin to see that they are the one's to make change in their lives
      and they are not alone. Together, in weekly group meetings, and with the help of a rich curriculum ranging from emotion regulation, to 
      interrelatedness, to intimacy, to shame, to boundary setting and de-selfing, group members begin to change their behaviors, roles and 
      expectations of themselves and others. They learn to lean on others, ask for help, be accountable for their emotions and actions
      and to speak their truth in all areas of their lives. They learn about the origins of anger, anxiety, depression and sadness and explore 
​      where their joy and adventure went.


Holistic Expectations Energy Medicine  

      The human body is a work of art. Perfect communication systems connecting the outside world with the inside needs and vice versa. 
      There is so much that we now know, but so much we still need to learn. In our distant past, before the advent of modern western
      medicine, there was great value placed on observation of the body and holistic treatment of the patient. Today we moving very fast,
      evolving too quickly for our primitive systems, and spending little to no time reflecting, refueling and responding to our bodies. We are
      beginning to get yellow flag "warning"  feedback from our bodies telling us we need to make changes - that the status quo is 

      quite literally, killing us. Clients I work with struggle with anxiety, depression, hormone regulation, infertility, cancer, adrenal fatigue,
      low libido, skin disorders, chronic and acute pain, autoimmune challenges and more. What can energy medicine do?
      Energy Medicine is the study and practice of following the bodies energies. When I meet with a client, the first thing I do is invite them
      to share what they already know - what brought them in to see me. Their body has an order of operations for what it needs. My
      job is to tune in and follow the clues while at the same time connecting the client to hear their bodies, possibly for the first time. 
      They may have been going on empty for so long that they don't know what their bodies are saying and feel like all the symptomology
      they are noticing is irritating, destructive and pointless. They don't know like I do that that their bodies are giving them all of the 

      information they need to get healthy. If we will listen, the body will tell us what it needs!  

​      Energy medicine sessions last around 1hr 1/2, have a short intake on client concerns and observations before moving to body work
      similar to 
massage. There is a good deal of conversation during the session to confirm or validate what a client is experiencing.
      We are building a robust communication between client and their body. Clients have daily homework to begin retraining their energies
      to move in new directions. A large part of the work is educational about the organs and systems in the body and how they work
      together. Emotional world is tied in with physiological world and clients can begin to see how their current symptomology came to be
      and how to work with it for long term health. Note: This is not a substitute for medications or medical visits (though many clients find
      they no longer need their medications after beginning the work). But it plays a powerful role in strengthening the body systems for
      optimal health and happiness.



Next group begins January 2023!

  • provide 24/7 phone availability during pregnancy and postpartum
  • schedule 1-2 visits before delivery to learn about you, educate on labor, comfort techniques, labor positions, resources,  postpartum support systems postpartum recovery, managing extended family, exploring current stressors, and understanding day of roles
  • explore your body history and present and design balance, lengthening, and stretching activities to facilitate optimal fetal positioning and pregnancy comfort
  • explore your current diet and discuss healthy dietary changes during pregnancy and into  breastfeeding
  • create birth notes / plan  with you and your partner to facilitate good conversation with practitioner and your day of nurse
Fee: $150/session ​ Sessions: 1hr 15min
* Direct pay only,
​ check/venmo/chase quick pay