Bringing Baby Home: A Crash Course for Expectant Parents Workshop 

                                               Prepare yourself for life with your baby and discover how to be the best parenting team possible. In a relaxed and supportive
                                               environment with a trained facilitator, learn how to strengthen your relationship with your partner and foster your baby's  
                                               development during this new and challenging time in your life.  Create a caring and nurturing atmosphere in your home and  
​                                               learn to cope with conflict in a positive way. This workshop, developed by renowned relationship experts, Drs. John and Julie   Gottman, helps to prepare you for the most important and rewarding job you will ever have, raising a child.  Learn how to:

                                        •Stay connected with your partner

                                        •Strengthen your friendship, intimacy and
​                                           conflict regulation skills

                                        •Interact with your baby in a positive way

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  • a sharp decrease in postpartum depression and/or anxiety
  • more success with breastfeeding & soothing their babies
  • more stability in their primary relationships
  • deeper Mother / baby bonding
  • a stronger connection with  community and resources
  • community based problem solving - internally  (reaching out for help when they need it)
  • community based problem solving  - externally (providing support for others when they need it)
  • babies with better sleep habits and better rested Moms
  • fewer visits to the pediatrician
  • greater confidence in themselves as learning Mothers 
  • access to  long term relationships with other women that may last a life time
  • joy in their postpartum period!
Doula Support/Services (prenatal, labor and postpartum) 
It has been proven through repeated studies, that women who have support from another woman during labor experience faster, more effective, less stress laden births.  And the partners of those women experience a more meaningful, constructive connection to the laboring mother as they are guided and informed about what is going on and how to offer support. As your doula, I will:

A Little Bit of Preparation Goes A Long, Long Way...

Where do you want to start?

Upcoming Groups:

May 30-Aug 1  (Wed)  12-2pm    Availability
May 31-Aug 2  (Thu)  12-2pm  Availability

June 1-Aug 3  (Fri) 12-2pm  Availability

Groups are made up of 8-10 women & babies ranging from newborn - 3 months of age.  Group meets weekly on their day for two hours.  All group members are invited to join a private social media feed to communicate outside of group with each other and with me.  Meals (paleo & vegetarian options) are provided. Meetings are in a private residence in  the med center area. Interested? Email me to set up an interview to join!   

Recently Delivered Ladies (Breastfeeding & Bonding Group) 
This group is made up of women who have recently given birth with me.  It gathers at my home on Tuesday afternoons, 12pm-2pm to explore breastfeeding, babywearing, soothing techniques, newborn sleep, marital stressors, nutrition, postpartum exercise, pediatricians, vaccinations, back to work worries and just about everything else going on during the first 4 months. Though there is a lot of education going on, the main purpose of the group is community and relationship building. Mothers and their babies are present and many go on to meet up outside of class time. Graduating groups (at 4 month marker) meet with me to work out logistics of continuing their group meetings on their own with their fellow graduates. Many, many, many of the groups remain close and active two-three years after first meeting! 

Holistic Expectations Couples Coaching  is my way of providing good tools for you and your partner to navigate the world of new baby, the postpartum and a life of family-ing with safety for all.  I am certified in both Bringing Baby Home (2010) and The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work (2016).  I will be attending Terry Real's Relational Life Therapy (RLT) Training this October and plan to blend that in as well. I use these curriculums as well as my doula training and experience to provide a road map for couples to follow during our one-on-one sessions together.  The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is our main curriculum and the culmination of Dr. Gottman’s lifelong work: an overview of the concepts, behaviors and skills that guide couples on the path toward a harmonious and long-lasting relationship.  Straightforward in its approach, yet profound in its effect, the principles outlined in this book teach partners new and startling strategies for making their relationship/marriage work. Dr. Gottman has scientifically analyzed the habits of married and committed couples and established a method of correcting the behavior that puts thousands of relationships on the rocks. He helps couples focus on each other, on paying attention to the small day-to-day moments that, strung together, make up the heart and soul of any relationship.
Packed with questionnaires and exercises whose effectiveness has been proven in Dr. Gottman’s
workshops, this is the definitive guide for anyone who wants their relationship to attain its highest potential.

Interested couples should schedule an initial session for goodness of fit - even former doula clients!
All couples work from the  
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work text during our
time together. If this all seems too scary, don't worry! It can be helpful to jump start your
journey by attending a 7 Principles Workshop or Retreat before starting couples coaching. 

It's never too late to change your course - together!                          

Whole Mothers, Whole Births, Healthy Families

  • provide guidance, encouragement, support and comfort during labor and birth
  • advocate for you during your hospital/birth center stay
  • make 1  follow-up visit/multiple calls/texts after your birth to check on you, your partner and the baby  regarding your care and recovery, breastfeeding, postpartum support and answer any worries or concerns 
  • invite you to join the Recently Delivered Ladies group which provides  16 weeks / (4 months) of weekly group
  • be a resource for you as you start out as parents, helping you create a  community of support  with other mothers & fathers/partners going ​ through your same initiation into parenthood.

for  Couples Coaching

Fee: $180/individual; $250/couples


Fee: $1,500 

Image: Amanda Greavette

David M. Moore, LCSW ​
Individual, Couples, & Family Therapy
​Studies show that most marriages with challenges end approximately two years after the arrival of a child. I would be willing   to bet that most of us have never evaluated our communication style, family of origin issues, or current marital stressors.   And for some of us, we are nearing the end of our marital rope! Sometimes, we are beyond communication tools, sometimes   the issues are too severe for coaching alone. Being proactive about where you are and what you want out of this experience   and learning about your partner and their needs is a crucial piece of making and keeping a happy marriage and family. ​David M. Moore LCSW provides individual, couples and family therapy for new parents or parents to be struggling with   gridlock, trauma, anxiety, lack of intimacy etc.  Services include single sessions, weekend workshops and retreats. ​ / 713.956.2662

Fee: $500 (10wks of Group)
Fee: $90/session 

"Sometimes we stare so long at the door that is closing
              that we see too late the one that has opened."
                                             -  Alexander Graham Bell

•Keep both parents involved  
•Deal with conflict successfully  

Holistic Expectations  Postpartum Groups SUMMER OF SUPPORT
Becoming a parent is one of the most incredible experiences life offers. However, without our village and tribal knowledge, we get caught in cultural anxiety traps, become alienated from our friends and loved ones, turn on ourselves and perceived inadequacies and experience trauma. It doesn't have to be like that!!! The postpartum period (newborn-6 months) through history has been a rich time of learning, self exploration and camaraderie.

                                                                                       Studies show that mothers who are part of a postpartum group experience: 

  • provide 24/7 phone availability during pregnancy and postpartum
  • schedule 1-2 visits before delivery to learn about you, educate on labor, comfort techniques, labor positions, resources,  postpartum support systems postpartum recovery, managing extended family, exploring current stressors, and understanding day of roles
  • explore your body history and present and design balance, lengthening, and stretching activities to facilitate optimal fetal positioning and pregnancy comfort
  • explore your current diet and discuss healthy dietary changes during pregnancy and into  breastfeeding
  • create birth notes / plan  with you and your partner to facilitate good conversation with practitioner and your day of nurse