Holistic Expectations  has its roots in community building and women's empowerment. Through my clients, I have learned about the importance of good support through life's ups and downs. We need to feel safe, understood and empowered during important rites of passage in our lives in order to grow into ourselves and our relationships. Holistic Expectations can help individuals, couples and groups find themselves again. It's never too late for a new beginning and the chance to be who you were meant to be!   

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Growing Healthy Women, Families & Communities since 2006

"It's not the path I fear, but the wandering alone."

Holistic Expectations is growing and changing... after more than a decade of birth and postpartum support for new families. I am shifting the focus of Holistic Expectations to meet a growing need for emotional & relational support.  We are living in an unparalleled time & pace in human history.  Anxiety, fear, and depression are looming large - consuming us. 
​Our women are unraveling beneath the weight of increasing
roles and responsibilities, our marriages are running ragged with too many demands and too few connections, and our communities are increasingly disconnected and undefined.  

"Sun of January" by Leonid Afremov