• The 4th Annual Hoppin' Hunt
    Sun, March 19th, 9-11am @ Milroy Park

    Join your Holistic friends and family for fun
    with an easter egg hunt, the Bunny, good music and great conversation.  
  • ​​NEW! ​​​Holistic Expectations
    Couple's One Day Workshops
    & Weekend 
      using John Gottman's proven 7    
    Principles for 
    Making Marriage Work.  
                                      Get insightful interactive  trainings
                                       with helpful take home tools to keep
                                       small change happening often and both
                                       of you traveling together!  


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  • Red Tent Groups for Women 
    These are support groups for women                                     as they explore their new role as Mothers, repeat Mothers and Crones (yes, I said crone!). Groups are small and hand picked, no more than 8-10.  Meetings use the Dance of Anger, by Harriet Lerner as curriculum for personal exploration and group sharing.

   Couples Coaching

Workshops & Retreats

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Remember to Laugh Together
Becoming a parent is full of humor.  Learning first hand what 'Full Diaper' means and never forgetting the diaper bag again. Vomit on all of the
outfits you thought you were leaving the house with.  The all powerful  and versatile wipe - may you never leave our life. Buying food with the word 'strained' on the label. Counting hours of sleep on one hand. Enjoying imaginary sex that doesn't require getting up and moving around while snuggled together in the bed.  Lots and lots of germs. Changing a stroller tire and being siked about the easier ride it is. Unsolicited advice, visits, calls, texts, and e-mails from four or more grandparents. Having five minute conversations with everyone you know filled with "what was I saying?".  Classifying things like dirt and sand as "organic" and good for the immune system.  Spending ten minutes searching for a missing doll shoe that makes or breaks the peaceful flow of the day.  Using your children as cover to eat, play and sleep when you want to - "I have no idea how those oreos got into the grocery bag, babe."  Waking up at 6am before you're ready to greet the day to little feet, arms and elbows wiggling their way into bed with you.

​Giggling at the things they do, laughing out loud at the things they say, marveling at the way they think and who they're becoming. Smiling at yourself when you allow it, for all the fun you're having along the way. Loving your partner more than you can say for letting you sleep in, go out, give up and feel down and returning the favor. Only talking about children. Only wanting to talk about children. For now. With your partner in crime.

Welcome ... You have probably been on your pregnancy journey for some time now and I'm meeting you at the second or third trimester when your thoughts turn to education and preparation for birth. This is one of the most important, life changing events you will ever experience.  It is all new, exciting and immensely terrifying at the same time.  There is so much to learn, so many decisions to make and so much personal and interpersonal change that will happen between now and then.  A million questions will come to mind during your pregnancy, followed by millions more with the birth of your child.   I want to provide you with a hand to hold while you explore the many resources out there in the worlds of pregnancy, birth and beyond. I want to help you create support and build a community as you go from childless to pregnant to parenting to familying and all the places in between. Remember that everything you are going through is a natural part of becoming more - of growing into your next chapter. You already have everything you ​need to thrive - you just need the right conditions and support to let it bloom. 

Pregnancy, Birth and Early Parenthood Support