Pregnancy, Birth and Early Parenthood
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Whole Mothers, Whole Births, Healthy Families...

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Childbirth Education Class

Jan 4th - Feb 8th

March 15th - April  19th     

New & Expecting 
Dad's Group 
Share Beer and Babies 
Learn more about monthly pub night - every 3rd Wed of the month. Created and hosted by guys for guys.

Recently Delivered Mom's Group Weekly Meetings
Tuesdays, 12-2pm 
Medical Center (clients only)

Wonder Women Mom's Group Weekly Meetings
(Ages 4 months & Up)
Tuesdays, 12-2pm

Heights (clients only)

Holistic Families
Happy Hour

Join us once a month to hang out as families
Fridays, 5:30-8:30pm
(TBD) stay tuned!

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Welcome to Holistic Expectations! You have probably been on your pregnancy journey for some time now and I'm meeting you at the second or third trimester when your thoughts turn to education and preparation for birth. Welcome....

This is one of the most important, life changing events you will experience.  It is all new, exciting and immensely terrifying at the same time.  There is so much to learn, so many decisions to make and so much personal and interpersonal change.  A million questions will come to mind during your pregnancy, followed by millions more with the birth of your child.  

I want to provide you with something I didn't have and would have benefited from.  I want to hold your metaphorical hand and you take this journey by providing as many resources as I can to make your transitions smooth ones.  From childless... to pregnant... to laboring... to mothering/fathering... to "familying." 

This website contains:

  • Childbirth Class (Registration Form & Class Description)  
  • Doula Services (Registration Form & Services Provided)
  • Articles / Links (Prenatal, Birth, Parenting, Marital Support)
  • Resources (Consumer Products I recommend)
  • Recommended Pediatricians and OB/Midwives
  • Sample Birth Plans
  • The Best Books for the Job    
Remember that everything you are going through is a natural part of the process of going from two to three or more!  You already have everything you need to be amazing parents - you just need the right conditions and support to let it bloom. 

                There's a secret in our culture... 
                      and it's not that birth is painful...
                                  it's that women are strong. 
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