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This is a private relationship you are both exploring.  So, it can often be helpful to  do some one-on-one work in the intimate setting of a couples coach to take a good, uninterrupted look at where you both are and what you're longing for.  I encourage all couples to set aside time for couples coaching at regular intervals.  Think of how often you go to the grocery store, get the car's oil changed, visit the doctor or have an evaluation at work.  These are all check points to keep things running.  How is your relationship any less important?  Interested in exploring your relationship in a more private setting?  Here's what we'd look at:

  • Love Maps (how well do you both still know each other? This is a big one for couples with children :)
  • Accepting Influence  (how often do you allow yourself to be influenced by your partner)
  • Turning Towards (in a conflict situation, what do you both do)
  • Creating Shared Meaning (supporting each other's life dreams and growth)
  • Designing Support Systems (this is a BIGGIE!  Most couples do not have dedicated time for themselves or each other)
  • Understanding Family Legacies (this touches on the families you came from, values, traumas, enmeshments, survival skills)

Let's get you both back on board!  Contact me at to schedule an initial  private session. 

      According to Gottman, couples must strengthen the friendship that is at the heart of any relationship by:

  • enhancing their love maps;
  • nurturing their fondness & admiration for each other;
  • turning toward each other instead of away;
  • letting their partner influence them;
  • solving their solvable problems;
  • identifying their perpetual problems;
  • overcoming gridlock; and
  • creating shared meaning.

      Couples attending this workshop or retreat will learn to use the tools listed above to
      strengthen their friendship through break out sessions to practice each tool.  

      Each couple will also receive:

  •       (1) copy of The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work 
  •      (2) individual workbooks to continue the exploration safely 
  •      Additional resource materials to use in their homes & daily lives 
  •      the opportunity to join fellow couples in a continuing education support group facilitated weekly.  

  • The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work
    ​One-Day Workshop
    Holistic Expectations
    Couples Corner
    730 N Post Oak Road, Suite 301

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This program is designed for couples interested in exploring their relationship at a variety of points in their lives and for a variety of reasons:

  • to do preventative work before getting married, having a baby or other major event

  • as maintenance work after baby (ies) have entered the picture

  • as a re-boot when the relationship is struggling or not as fulfilling for either partner

  • as a fresh start after major life events (empty nest; elderly care; job loss; etc)

​If a couple’s relationship is strong, this class will provide them with tools and insights to make their relationship even better. If a couple has a distressed relationship, this class can provide a road map for repair. In addition, I find that this class can be a launching off point for both couples and individual therapy.  Resources for therapy will be available at all workshops and retreats for interested couples.  Community groups are encouraged to provide additional support to couples as they explore and "re-find" themselves.  

Is the 7 Principles a Good Fit for You? 

Holistic Expectations  Couples Coaching

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  • The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work
    Two-Day Retreat
    Holistic Expectations
    Couples Corner
    730 N Post Oak Road, Suite 301

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Relationships are not linear.  And when we commit to living a life with someone, that is what we envision. Most couples walk into a relationship with strengths and weaknesses, known and unknown, that will be with them forever.  That is both good and bad news, right?  So when life gets going and the distractions get plentiful, these strengths and weaknesses can either bring us together or tear us apart. Even the strongest relationships are strained during the transition to parenthood. Lack of sleep, never-ending housework, changing roles, intimacy challenges, external family pressures and new fiscal concerns can lead to profound stress and a decline in marital satisfaction – all of which affect overall family health. Not surprisingly, 69% of parents experience conflict, disappointment, hurt feelings and ultimately estrangement. The research by John Gottman on how to make relationships work can help us here - to find each other when we get lost - and we will get lost, many many times in this partnership.  The 7 Principles Workshops & Retreats prepare couples for life before, during and long after babies.  Wherever you find yourself in this process is a perfect time to begin building on what Dr. Gottman and his colleagues found is the best predictor of marital satisfaction: the quality of a couple’s friendship.

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